Minto Monthly - November

New branding rolls out for Minto!
Published on:
November 24, 2022

Ask any Minto team member and they’ll tell you it’s been a very busy 2022 so far, and November was no exception. We’ve been working hard on an exciting project for the most challenging client - ourselves! The Minto brand refresh and website launch have an innovative design, truly reflective of the variety of services we offer - design, digital, social, and merch. Also in November, we produced and delivered lots of merchandise materials while our clients' social media channels achieved some amazing results. Check out what we’ve been up to this month!


Our new look separates the different sides of the business into 4 categories, providing a clear differentiation of our offerings achieved by using 4 bright contrasting colours. Alongside the brand refresh, our design team produced a bespoke brochure, creatively and concisely showcasing all the services our branding and digital creative agency offers. Easily stored and distributed, the print material promotes the brand by cutting through the digital noise and making a lasting impression.


Our web design wizards completely transformed the Minto website. Fully optimised for mobile, our website has an innovative design with cutting-edge features including 2D animation, built-in SEO and user-friendly navigation. The 4 new elements and colours are also incorporated into the design of the website, creating the finishing touch of consistency in the brand.


Minto’s social media presence has also been transformed. The new design elements are seamlessly embedded in the visual content to ensure brand exposure and recognition. The three main social media channels that Minto is regularly active on are LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Give us a follow to keep up to date with everything Minto. In the meantime, our clients' social media presence grew and reached some amazing numbers in a completely organic way including follower growth, better engagement and a higher number of impressions. Check out the statistic below.


One of our most popular services is producing high-quality branded merchandise materials. As the end of the year approaches a lot of our clients have been preparing for 2023 by ordering new notebooks, pens and diaries. With a huge variety of sizes, colours and page designs to choose from, our clients have been spoilt for choice. Have a look at some of the recent branded merchandise products produced.

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