Merch Trends 2023

How does merchandise make your brand more visible?
Published on:
January 17, 2023

Merchandising is the next step for your brand after you’ve developed a powerful brand image. If you’re looking to strengthen your brand awareness, improve brand trust, boost your sales and get your audience talking about what it is you do, then impactful merchandise is the right tool for your business. Some of the biggest brands in the world understand the power of effective merchandising, think of the Hard Rock Café who have been successfully selling their branded T-Shirts for decades. Today’s business climate is too saturated to not stick out from the crowd, here is why your business should consider investing in merchandise:

Establishing a Connection

Brand merchandise helps develop a strong connection with your clients, especially your long-standing clients. Merchandising is an effective way of making your client feel rewarded for their loyalty to your brand – demonstrating your company’s thoughtfulness will encourage clients to keep spreading positive news about your brand and services, especially if your client feels valued. However, merchandise isn’t merely limited to your clients, it’s also a great way to motivate your employees and allow them to proudly display their role in your business.

Get People Talking About Your Brand

Branded merchandise has become a type of social currency. It’s a conversation starter, it’s a public stance, it’s a representation of your beliefs and ideals. It can be used to show the world who you are and what your brand stands for. Effective merchandising gets your brand name out into the world, and more importantly, gets people talking about your brand.


Merchandising is a powerful promotional tool and it’s cost-effective for your business. Effective marketing strategies do not come cheaply, but unlike other forms of marketing, merchandising is budget-friendly, especially when you order in bulk. Merchandising can lead to extra revenue should you choose to sell your product online or in-store – something every business can appreciate!

Matching your merchandise to your company’s brand strategy involves selling the story of your brand to your desired customer – think about your theme, your audience, your brand colours and business values. Merchandise is a visual representation of the audience you want to speak to.

We can help you turn your brand story into real products your audience will use and love. If your brand is ready to reap the benefits of merchandising, our specialist team are here to help you get started today!

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