International Technology Day

How Social Media ‘Blew Up’ And How You Can Use It To Grow Your Brand
Published on:
January 6, 2023

International Technology Day is a time to celebrate the significant and outstanding technological advancements made in the last 20 years, these advancements touch nearly every aspect of our lives. None of which has been nearly as influential as the rapid expansion of social media. The social media shift from computers to smartphones made instantaneous broadcast of real time life experiences easier than ever. The social media industry is one the largest industries that has benefited from the technology boom in the last decade, with global social media users increasing from 970 million in 2010 to almost 3 billion in 2020. The increase in social media popularity is of course, directly correlated to the increased amount of time we now spend online. The interest and investment into social media continues to expand and attract companies both big and small – investment in social media ads in 2022 hit almost £2 billion, with experts predicting that sum to rise by 11.5% in 2023. Social media is unsurprisingly one of the most successful forms of marketing, and your brand can benefit from it too.

What can a social media manager do for your brand?

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is crucial for business growth – the more awareness your brand has, the more product you’ll sell. However, marketing your brand online goes beyond stamping your name on an image and posting it to Facebook, you want to find the right audience that wants to buy your product or services. The social media team at Minto carefully tailor posts designed to reach your target audience - we’ll help you translate the personality of your business to your social media accounts, capturing your tone of voice and style.

Engage with your customers

Having a strong social media presence allows you to connect with a much wider audience, both regionally and in terms of diversity in clientele. Social media is an effective way of keeping a good rapport with your customers, allowing you to communicate and make your audience feel connected to your brand. The social media team at Minto will aid you in communicating with your customers by engaging with them daily, making your business more personable and improving your reputation in your industry.

Brand Loyalty

Regular social media posts will not only keep your brand relevant, but will help familiarise your audience with your work and help build a positive image of your brand. Our social media team will share relevant content for your industry, encouraging customers to stay loyal to your brand and stay interested in what your brand offers.

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