How Much Is A Brand Logo Worth?

The Most Expensive Logos Ever Made: The Value Of A Good Logo.
Published on:
May 25, 2023

1. Symantec:  

Symantec's investment in its logo and branding reportedly reached a significant amount of £1,029,875,200! However, upon closer examination, this figure becomes less surprising when considering the full context. One of Symantec's strategic moves was acquiring VeriSign, which not only granted them access to the company's valuable assets and expertise but also included the renowned VeriSign logo—the iconic check mark.  The check mark signifies the authentication of security certificates (SSL) for websites, a critical factor in building trust for online shops and e-commerce platforms. By incorporating this trust-inducing symbol, Symantec demonstrates a shrewd choice that aligns with their commitment to establishing credibility and reliability.

2. BP:  

In 2000, British Petroleum (BP) made headlines for acquiring the second most expensive logo of all time. The jaw-dropping price tag? A staggering £169,000,000! Opting for a design incorporating shades of yellow and green, the logo was intended to reflect the company's purported commitment to environmental sustainability. The new logo was fresh, modern, and identifiable in comparison to their previous logo.  

3. Pepsi:  

Pepsi paid a whopping £804,640 for their logo back in 2009, which contained links to the Mona Lisa and the Theory of Relativity. The logo made use of the Golden Ratio, a set of proportions that is said to be visually appealing.  

The colour palette was specially chosen using a scientific method of colour assignment based on the products essence and primary features. Who would have thought that a simple logo would have so much thought and work behind it?  

4. Accenture  

Accenture invested a staggering £80,472,000 in crafting their distinctive logo, which features the lowercase word "Accenture" with an accent mark above it. This creative wordplay combines "accent" and "future" to capture the essence of the company's vision.Following its departure from the Anderson Consulting Group and embarking on its independent journey, Accenture underwent a name change and embraced a fresh logo. Despite being renowned for its outsourcing services, the Accenture logo has faced its fair share of criticism, with some arguing that its simplicity lacks depth of meaning.It's worth noting that the selection of the Accenture logo involved an extensive process, with 50 different options and designs being rejected before settling on the streamlined final version. Despite any controversy, Accenture has established itself as a reputable company, and its logo has become instantly recognisable within the industry.If you own a business and need a new logo, contact

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