Evolution of Minto

Where did all begin?
Published on:
February 23, 2023

Minto started with Bob’s father purchasing the business in Inverurie back in 1969. Bob’s father, Robert Minto, was an engineer by trade at the Loco Works in Inverurie but always had a passion for printing in his spare time. His engineering skills and background came in handy when the old printing machines, he inherited, needed repairing when he purchased the business From William Angus.

Bob Minto left school aged 15 and went straight to work for his father. As Bob gained experience during the following 6 years it was obvious that a career in this trade was what he was looking for. At just 21 years old in 1984, Bob was made a partner in the business. It was the same year he married his wife, Jackie, who by then also had a very active role, keeping a keen eye on the financial side of the business, making sure the cash flow was in a good place.

Bob took full autonomy in running the business in 1986, it was clear to see the old ways of printing were fast receding. Bob was always on the lookout for new technologies and investing in new processes. This forward-thinking attitude is what made Minto into the accredited agency it is today. After years of focusing on design and print, Minto moved into the production of merchandise for their clients, which further enhanced the Minto offering. Minto has never been afraid to adopt and adapt to changing times or new technology. Today, Minto is a company made up of extremely talented people specialising in Design, Print, Merchandise, Digital and Social Media.

Our new offices have been in the Minto family since 1969 and as Minto has grown over the years into the successful branding company it is today the building has had to grow with it. The recent renovation took 12 weeks to complete and now boasts a fresh, modern industrial feel, a place where clients can enjoy a coffee, feel relaxed, and at ease when they visit. Our building carries a lot of history and has been part of the journey of Minto, it feels very special for us to be back in the place where it all began so many years ago.

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