Digital Trends in 2023: Website Design

All You Need To Know About Web Design In 2023
Published on:
February 7, 2023

The internet has been an ever-growing interactive space since its inception in the mid-1990s. Finding ways to make even the smallest corners of the internet interactive and meaningful for web users is becoming increasingly challenging with a generation that has a shorter attention span – a global study from Yahoo and OMD Worldwide shows that Generation Z lose their attention from ads after just 1.3 seconds! With a focus on more immersive online experiences, we’ve listed some trends for you to keep on top of this year.

History Likes to Repeat Itself: The Y2K Aesthetic

The early 2000’s style has made a comeback in the last few years, and not just denim-on-denim or velour tracksuits, but on a digital level too. Designers who use the Y2K aesthetic can help visitors immerse themselves in the website and capitalise on the nostalgia the 2000s brings. Back in the early days of the internet, web pages often loaded slowly, so designs consisted of heavy-text layout and lots of white space. Additionally, fonts were usually simple, like Sans Serif, or visibly pixilated.

Shared Frameworks

Digital designers are using open-source software to raise the availability of their work by sharing resources and techniques. Offering free resources can create excellent growth for a creator, for example, Finsweet, a creative agency, has greatly enhanced its reputation by sharing their knowledge and expertise in their industry. Instead of telling people to have immersive web designs, businesses that show you how to actually achieve it are proving more successful, it’s likely this trend will grow throughout 2023.  

Creating an Experience: Game-Like Web Designs

Creating an experience for your visitor is a great way of keeping them on your page, although this approach to website design is likely to be more popular with a younger audience as opposed to an older audience who are likely to just want to get to the product or service without all the dramatics added. What better way to keep attention on your page than by making your website into a game-like experience. Some of our favourite examples of immersive web designs are from Artisans D’Idees, their website makes you feel like you’re on a beautiful tranquil journey, and the enchanted forest web design for De Bijenkorf, which is stunning and feels like another magical experience.

Loading Animations

Loaded animations are not quite a thing of the past yet! These animations are making a comeback as part of the movement towards more interactive and immersive web design. It’s estimated that 47% of web users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less, this means the loading time of your webpage is crucial to keep visitors engaged, the goal is to limit frustration from loading times and create a fun experience at the same time.

These trends are all part of the movement towards more immersive consumer experiences. As we spend more of our time online, creating these unique experiences is important to not only grab attention but to keep attention.

Implementing some of these trends for your own website can be complicated and time-consuming -  if you are looking to hop on some of these trends, give us a call or an email today. We keep an eye on trends so you don’t have to, and our expert team of web designers can use these trends to make your website a fun and interactive space.  

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