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A long-standing local Aberdeen business, leading independent home and lifestyle refurbishment brand Upstairs Downstairs have been a key part of the Torry community since the early 1980s. Fast approaching 40 years of experience transforming homes with creative design and innovative details, their team of reliable experts regularly breathe new life into homes across the North-East, making imaginative kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms a stunning reality.

Known for their attentive and focused first-class customer service, Upstairs Downstairs needed a modern brand and web presence to reinforce the quality of the work the team is capable of, helping to propel “Aberdeen’s longest established independent kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom retailer” into the next 40 years.

Branding & Graphic Design

Much like the projects carried out by the Upstairs Downstairs team, our studio saw a complete redesign as the only appropriate action for the existing brand and logo. Approaching the client brief with various innovative ideas and plenty of creative inspiration, the studio got to work on a complete overhaul and redesign of the previous brand, right down to the typeface and company colours. The outcome was a logo and a brand that got the update it sorely needed.

The brand-new logo, a cleverly designed ambigram that appropriately represents Upstairs Downstairs and brings the brand to life in a way that the previous iteration was lacking, communicates effectively with the target audience to send a clear, and clever, visual message that tells a story. Who Upstairs Downstairs are, and what they specialise in. The new brand colours, a far departure from the harsh and outdated previous dark green, reflected a professional, authoritative, and experienced brand in line with industry standards.

This new colour palette was to be used across all assets, including graphics required for social media, as well as the attention-grabbing van livery that proudly displays the new brand on the move, making them easily identifiable and approachable wherever they go.

Web Design & Development

Previously existing on only an outdated and wearisome scrolling page, Upstairs Downstairs’ online presence was sorely lacking. The archaic design left no room for imagination, leaving web visitors with no way to thoroughly gauge the quality of work that Upstairs Downstairs are capable of and have been accomplishing since the early 1980s. To catch Upstairs Downstairs up with the modern marketplace, our web team set out on creating a fashionable and contemporary web design that appropriately reflects where Upstairs Downstairs have been, and where they are going with the new rebrand.

Clean, light, airy, and breathable, the new site design is a spacious and aesthetically pleasing update the brand desperately needed to modernise their online output. Backed up by a series of high-quality imagery, the delicate new design was built from the ground up with a responsive interface that aims to make spending time on the site and navigating it as easy as working with Upstairs Downstairs themselves.

A range of alternative dynamic features, including new ways to navigate and scroll through pages, gives the site a new edge, allowing a different angle for the user to experience and manoeuvre what the site, and the brand, has to offer.

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