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The Healthy Living Programme sees a future where all of Scotland has access to, and knowledge of, healthier lifestyle choices when it comes to diet. But for them to realise their vision, they needed to share their core message first. We were honoured to be recruited to design, brand, print and develop their presence both in store and online through their socials and website.

Marketing and Branding 101

We’ve long since recognised the importance of developing a better point of sale, it’s all about catching the eye of the passing customer with simple, clear, and easy to absorb messaging. We sanctioned the design and manufacture of display stands for fruit and vegetables along with point of sale shelf strips, wobblers and recipe cards for customers to take home. But something was missing, we needed something more – or someone…

Meet Welby

Every great brand has a mascot. From Mickey Mouse to Alexander the Meerkat, everyone loves an identifiable character to champion an organisation and reflect the brand, capturing the hearts and attention of the outside public. And for the Healthy Living Programme, a fun initiative with space to be creative, who’s core audience included school kids, a mascot was what was needed to really take things to the next level. So, meet Welby. The perfect wellbeing mascot, in the form of a banana. Unsurprisingly, Welby was a hit. Drawn up and designed by Minto, the new mascot was quickly added onto bags, prints, recipe cards, social posts, the lot. A testament to the brand at Healthy Living Programme, Welby is also a testament to the design of Minto and our ability to take the task to the next level.

A Site Built to Reflect the Brand and Lay the Foundations for a Healthier Scotland

It wasn’t just the in-person point of sale or the overall brand that needed developed, the Healthy Living Programme needed a stronger digital presence. Working closely with the HLP, we came up with a plan to build a site that had everything the public needed to know about the programme. Aside from the key components, the Healthy Living Programme is - at its core – all about people, so we had plenty of room to add the more personal touches as well. Fun recipes to try at home with the whole family, events, a gallery featuring photography from events they took part in, and a general news section. These were all added in so you know exactly who, and what, the Healthy Living Programme are all about. With this new site playing its part, we feel confident that the Healthy Living Programme can, and will make a huge difference across the nation.

“All the team at Minto, are a real pleasure to work with. They bring a wealth of experience and professionalism in all the tasks they undertake. Customer service is outstanding, and no task is an issue even when short timelines are given.
The merchandising tools that Minto have designed and produced for the programme have in no doubt assisted in getting the programme identified within the sector and now made the programme a brand that is recognised in convenience retail stores across Scotland. Welby is a bright & colourful character that enables retailers to promote healthy eating through a fun and interactive way with younger generations that visit their stores. Through our work with Minto we have now launched our own website which assists in profiling the programme and has promoted the programme not only in Scotland but now at a National level, this is testament to the skills and expertise of the entire team at Minto. I cannot recommend Minto highly enough.”

Kathryn Neil
Director | SGF Healthy Living Programme

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