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To help them on their journey to becoming a nationwide distributor of forest and garden equipment, Strathbogie Forest & Garden needed a modern e-commerce site to give them the platform for success. Having worked closely with Strathbogie for a number of years, when the time came to develop the new site, it was only right we took on the job.

Providing the Tools to Transform

With the current site being left to rot, having not been updated or maintained for a number of years, resulting in broken links, poor optimisation, and a general lack of any care, it needed more than a redesign. Strathbogie were looking to invest for the future, to create a site that would be the solution to their fast-growing distribution.

With that in mind, it was decided that the new site would be built from the ground up, with the aim of keeping the user experience at the forefront of the project. Having access to a huge library of high-quality Husqvarna imagery, that enabled us to keep a consistent stylisation throughout the site.

With all E-Commerce sites, keeping customer details safe and secure was our top priority. We opted to use WorldPay as a payment system for the site, simply because they are one of the leading providers for online payments.

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