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Patriot is an international business which works across a spectrum of industries to supply integrated solutions to piping problems. Founded in 2002, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary with a fresh rebrand. Having collaborated with Patriot for numerous years, our studio team were entrusted to assist with the development of a revised corporate design to reflect the growth and success of the business. We worked collaboratively with the Managing Director to help develop the rebrand by presenting him with modern interpretations of the existing logo, this was achieved by simplifying the logo and optimising it for use on digital platforms such as the new website.

Branding & Graphic Design

The new logo is a clean, modern design achieved by dropping ‘International’ and using a new bold font. PMS 200 Blue & PMS 201 Red are preserved to keep the brand’s global recognition. The new logo was incorporated into branded merchandise along with a container, livery and printed collateral.

Web Design & Development

Our web design team also collaborated with the Managing Director to develop a functional and modern-looking website which corresponds with their vision. The design was developed with ‘Mobile First’ at the frontend, while also applying the latest web design trends where necessary, This was achieved by embedding a background video within the home page, offering a creative way to improve the aesthetics of the website while delivering a story about the business and services. During our health check of the existing website, it was noted it wasn’t the easiest to navigate, there were many dead links and outdated imagery. With that in mind our team strived to make the new website easy to navigate, with high-quality imagery and ensuring the aesthetic were pleasing to the eye.

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