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Langen Motorcycles was born out of a passion to create machines unlike anything else on the road, pushing the boundaries of modern technology and innovation whilst capturing the very essence and emotion of riding a motorcycle.

We were brought together through a referral to create a collection of branded merchandise that would help launch their very first model at the year’s most prestigious event, The Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Having worked on projects for some of the UK’s more established motorcycle companies, we had a good working knowledge of the industry, which we used to design a series of t-shirts aimed squarely at their target audience - hardcore enthusiasts.

We extended the offering with long-sleeve T’s, ladies tank-tops, baseball caps and snoods to give festival goers some retail choice once they’d seen and heard the new awe-inspiring Two Stroke bike!

Oh, and a limited edition beer bottle label, designed in conjunction with Crankshaft Brewery, ensured visitors hung around the stand.

Suitably impressed, Langen founder Chris Ratcliffe further commissioned us to design and print a brochure to showcase the Two Stroke. A superb library of new photography stock made this easy to identify and highlight the impressive features the bike has to offer and with some creative headlining we pieced together a teasing intro to a great British motorcycle.

Another great project in the bag!

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