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A highly qualified and experienced team of business and tax advisers, Benson Accountants thrive off making sure their clients feel well-informed. The team is providing quality service, going out of their way to help clients achieve their goals by valuing honesty, integrity, passion, and trust above all else. Sound like anyone else you know? 

Sharing more than a few key ideas with how the Minto team likes to tackle projects, it felt like the perfect match to take Benson Accountants forward. We developed a new brand and website, whilst also looking at ways to strengthen their online voice and took ownership of their social media.


Working closely with Paul Benson, the decision was made to shorten the trading name from Paul Benson Accountants to Benson Accountants. Whilst Paul himself would remain at the wheel of the team moving forward, the name change came from a desire to be more team-focused and open opportunities to expand ability and personnel. 

The new logo helped to cut down on some unnecessary and bloated aspects of the predecessor. A slate grey, picked as a secondary colour for the brand, helped to identify Benson Accountants as more professional and better suited at generating new clients from across the country.


To complement the new brand and shortened name, we also designed and supplied a range of supplementary merchandise and clothing.

From a range of new clothing and signage to new letterheads and business cards, it was great to see that the new brand looked just as good on print as it did on screen.

Web Design & Development

Developed side by side, the new brand and website are both working towards the same vision.

The new brand colours and graphic elements were used to influence the look and feel of the new site. The focus was to show that Benson Accountants are an experienced yet growing team who are available and determined to help and assist clients.

Approachable and part of the community, Benson depends on their quality of care. The website needed to reflect that. The new web design is accessible and easy to navigate, providing a welcoming experience for users to learn about the Benson team and what they can help with. 

Before launch, the website was populated with updated content, created, and uploaded via the CMS. Adding layers to the brand and the website, the featured news articles and stories provided extra activity, giving the user more reasons to explore and discover further insight into the team.

Social media management

With the brand and website in place, we needed control of the Benson social media platforms to ensure the team and their audience was ready for the exciting transition into the new era. Creating a thorough social media strategy and content plan, our social team got to work creating consistent and engaging content that meets the needs of the new brand, without abandoning what came before. 

The result was up-to-date, relevant content that mixed professional insight and advice with more personal news and messaging from Paul and the expanding team. Using the Benson values to help influence the tone of voice, the social media content feels honest and sincere to show the benefits of working with, and for, Benson Accountants.  

It wasn’t long before the results came in with a75% increase in engagement and impressions in the first three months since taking over on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

"We took the decision to rebrand in early 2022 as we were looking to coordinate our website with our social media platforms and implement a wider branding plan.  The aim of this exercise was to increase our market exposure to both potential clients and team members.  The design, development and launch process was expertly managed by Minto.  Bob and his team are in contact with us monthly to review content and most importantly to us plan for the coming month.  We are delighted with the initial product and crucially the ongoing support from Minto, we look forward to a long and successful working relationship into the future."

Paul Bensom
MD | Benson Accountants

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