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Bankhead Electrical wanted a new website that would help them increase their online presence. We set about building a site that would fill customers with the confidence that they are the right guys for the job. And for Bankhead Electrical, they needed the confidence that Digital Alchemy were right for them. At Digital Alchemy, we always are.

The Brand

Their logo wasn’t working well for them and although the concept was right, it needed a visual surge to bring to life. We went about redesigning the logo with a much heavier icon and typeface so that it stood out! The recharged identity looked striking on their van livery and worked well for embroidered clothing but we also made sure the new branding had plenty of life left for years to come.

The Website

Bankhead Electrical offer a wide array of services, from domestic to commercial, and industrial to hazardous, all with a direct focus on the importance of customer service. For such an expansive clientele list and services to offer, it was important for us to build a website that was expansive but without being overcomplicated so not to lose their family-run approach to customer service. A website that was visually eye-catching, whilst working within the remit of the newly revised Bankhead brand, and advertised their full list of services without being overwhelming to the customer was what was needed. It was no easy task but, as always, Digital Alchemy delivered. Clear, concise, visually striking, in-depth, the newly built and designed Bankhead Electrical website ticked all the boxes. It was ready to go live and bring in a new digital era for Bankhead Electricals.

The Website

"Highly recommend Minto and Digital Alchemy, the quality of their work is second to none. Our new website & branding is fantastic and we are already experiencing new clients in such a short time. The staff are very helpful and prompt for all your needs. Thank you all"

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