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Previously known as the Teddington Trust, co-founder Nicola Miller approached the Minto team to assist with a rebranding project that would see the registered charity move into an exciting new era with a brand-new name and face.

Rebranded as ‘Action for XP’, the charity aims to support children and adults affected by a rare autosomal recessive genetic condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, which affects the skin when exposed to UV light. An incredible opportunity to assist the organisation in its mission to grow and spread vital awareness against a tight time frame to take the new brand to market, we worked alongside the Action for XP team to help develop the new brand with a new logo and corresponding website.

Branding & Graphic Design

Whilst Action for XP provided an original sketch and concept idea for the new logo, it proved to be a challenge to adapt into a clear and concise graphic that appropriately represented both the name and the cause while remaining simple and legible for all.

Instead, whilst taking the original concept on board, our design team used their expertise and a creative licence to develop a visual idea for the new Action for XP logo that fully represented the charity's new, more direct name. Creating a fully optimised design to bring the brand to life, our studio injected the original concept with a fresh colour palette that would be used across all aspects of the brand as the organisation moves forward.

Now that the final edit of the logo ticked all the required boxes, it allowed us to move ahead with the next stage of the project - designing and developing a new website that would launch in harmony with the new brand.

Web Design & Development

The new website, built from scratch, needed to feel like an accurate representation of the Action for XP brand, allowing users to clearly understand its mission. Featuring existing and edited copy from the outgoing Teddington Trust site, our web team built a much cleaner and user-friendly front end. Including some new features, the new website integrated social media streams, patient forms and easy-to-access donation links that displayed the new brand colours.

With a limited budget and a tight timescale to take Action for XP to market, our web and design team worked closely with co-founder Nicola to achieve the organisation's goal and complete the project. A rewarding task to be involved with, the whole Minto team were delighted to be associated with Action for XP and for doing our bit to help the charity expand its reach to people who can benefit from its support for their rare condition.

“Greatly enjoyed working with Stuart and the team at Minto on an important rebrand and website redevelopment for our charity. It was a really tight turnaround project and the team worked closely with us resulting in high quality output delivered on time. Feedback from our community has been fantastic which is the best measure of success for us. Hope to have the opportunity to work together again on future projects.”

Nicola Miller
Trustee of the board,
Action for xp

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