PPE & Workwear

Explore our reliable and robust PPE & Workwear range. Their safety is your business. Work safe, home safe.

Keep Your Workforce Safe


We’ve selected our suppliers based on industry standards. Our PPE and Workwear are designed to keep wearers protected at all times. Whatever the hazards, we can provide just what you need.

Following the correct health and safety processes is part of every day life for our clients. Make sure it’s part of yours and that supply never lets you down. Workwear will reduce the risk of injuries to your workers, so make sure you have the best quality available.

Branded Workwear

Communicate the right message on the right product to improve the visibility of your brand and your people.


Face Coverings


Our range of snoods is suitable for various office and industrial environments.

The Versatoob is a perfect lightweight, everyday option, made from super-soft, microfiber polyester.

Our Cooling Bandana is our most comfortable. With 60% specially designed fibre cooling yarn, to help reduce overheating.

The FR Neck Tube is our ultimate option for potentially hazardous environments. Conforming to both EN ISO 11612: 2015 and EN ISO 13688:2013 for protective equipment standards and heat resistance.

Protective Screens


We're looking at ways that we can help you return to work safely and soon. We hope that these measures will help prove to the Government that social distancing and protection is at the front of your minds too.

Our clear protective and retractable screens are just one way we think we can make your environment safer for everyone.

Floor Stickers


With our Safe Back to Work range, we offer social distancing floor stickers, to suit all different size of business.

Whatever your business. These measures can help keep your employees and customers safe at work.

Sanitizer Stations


Our Safe Back to Work hand sanitiser station can be wall-mounted or secured on a surface. So whether you're looking to install at entrances, receptions or desks your staff will have easy access to antibacterial hand sanitiser at all times.

Golf Gear

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