Work Experience With Katy

Meet Katy who joined us for a week of work experience.

We finished January in style by taking on board a young, enthusiastic student for a week. With a background in photography and solid interest in art in general we enjoyed working with her on a few different projects. We interviewed Katy to find out more about our newest Minto family member and just what she’s been up to this week!

Tell us a little about yourself

“My name is Katy, I go to Kemnay Academy and I am currently in S4, my interests are Art, Photography, Netball, hanging out with friends and family, watching movies and really good series on Netflix, I also love just to relax once in a while with my closest friends.”

What do you want to do when you leave school?

“I really enjoy photography, taking pictures of buildings, sunsets, sometimes animals (as well my dog and cat). I am definitely staying in school until S6 and then I am thinking university or collage somewhere local.”

Why did you want to do work experience?

“I wanted to do work experience this year because I wanted to be in a different environment, with people who I haven’t met before and seeing if I want to use this in my future career and it will look good on my CV.”

Why Minto?

“I chose Minto because you have worked with my dad for a while, and my dad said that you guys are really nice and friendly, and that I would enjoy the atmosphere.”

What skills have you been working on?

“I’ve been working on my time management, getting here on time and waking up in the morning. Also my communication skills, asking for help when I need it or even asking a question. This has made me feel more confident and open about myself working in an office.”

What’s been the highlight?

“My highlight at Minto has been communicating with different people about any subject and getting to know each other.”

How did you find 9-5?

“At first I found it different compared to my school hours but as day goes by I found it easier to wake up and get ready, the day goes really fast because most of the time we are all talking and laughing.”

What was the most difficult part of the experience?

“The most difficult part was actually trying to work a Mac, now I know how to edit pictures in Photoshop, how to make business cards, finding different websites to use like Freepik.”

Do you think you’ve learned a lot?

“Yes I think I have, I know how to use a Mac laptop to use Photoshop and Illustrator and know different ways to use the tools. I’ve enjoyed every single bit of it!!”

We just wanted to end by saying “Thank you Katy”, for all your hard work, enthusiasm and willingness to get involved in everything going on at Minto HQ.  It’s been another quick week but we wish you all the best in the future and hope we will work together again in the future.

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