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A warm welcome Josh our Social Media & Marketing Strategist!

Introduction to Social Media from Bob Minto

Bob Minto - Managing Director
"Since the founding of Minto in 1969 we have gone from strength to strength in the world of print, display and all things branding. We have built on our core values of quality, expertise and devotion to deliver fantastic products and expand our list of happy clients.
We have faced our share of challenges too but the excitement keeps us going from day to day. The rise of Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising has many traditional design agencies quaking in their boots but we take a different view. We believe there will always be a place for our original service offerings and so, since last year, we took the plunge into the in-house online space.
I strongly believe in hiring the right people and, with the addition of Ross last December, we have been delivering high-quality web design to a variety of clients (as well as the redesign of our own website which is now live). I regularly have conversations with clients about Social Media and whether or not it was something we might offer. With the success of our web design expansion, I felt the time was right to add one more string to our bow.
To deliver high quality, effective and engaging Social Media content we needed someone with more knowhow and experience.  It’s our pleasure to introduce the newest member of the team. With a background in Marketing, Social Media Management and Content Creation, we believe his experience will bring our clients the best results. A warm welcome to Josh Thompson from the whole team here at Minto.
Bob Minto
Managing Director"
Joshua Thompson - Social Media & Marketing Strategist
"Thanks Bob for the welcome. I look forward to getting stuck into the Minto Social Media and meeting some of our many exciting clients! Here’s a few questions I’ve answered to let you, the reader, know a little more about me."

Where have you come from?

My most recent position was as Digital Marketing Officer at Robert Gordon University. I was there for a year and learnt more than I ever thought I would about the higher education market and the intricacies of University politics. 

My primary remit was keeping the many social channels updated and under control. Planning the messaging in advance and making sure the many, many stakeholders got their moment in the spotlight was challenging. I created and curated content for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, created the University Snapchat channel, and even coordinated Facebook-Live tours for Open Days and orchestrated a good news PR story that got plenty of positive press coverage.

What is your background?

I completed my MSc in Digital Marketing in 2014 and went straight to work for a marketing agency here in Aberdeen. It was such an exciting journey from start to finish and I met so many interesting and exciting clients. While I was at the agency my experiences ranged widely from orchestrating Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media paid advertising campaigns, to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Creation and Web Design.

Why Social Media?

The explosion of the internet in the late 90s early 00s was part of my growing up. From dial-up modems to the introduction of broadband, technology evolved fast. I found myself fascinated with computers and especially the world of online social. From MySpace to Bebo to Facebook in 2008, the platforms I found myself using constantly changed. 

More recently the use of these channels to market to specific segments and demographics has become such an incredible tool for businesses. With a combination of effective research and engaging content, Social Media can send an effective call to action for any product or service. Social Media can provide a place for your company to have meaningful conversations with your customers! It’s incredibly exciting.

What’s first on the to-do list?

Minto has a number of clients looking for solutions. I'm looking forward to working with them to identify their goals and make sure we get the most effective targeting we can!

What are your top 3 Social Media tips for businesses?

   1. Give Value.

Never underestimate the power of your expertise. It’s important to share your knowledge with your customers and prove to  them why they should use your services or trust your opinion.

   2. Be Transparent. 

Gone are the days of ‘Mad Men’ advertising. The truth of your product is what will excite the right people.

   3. Community. 

Your social media is not something you build and ignore. Your business is just one of thousands. Don’t be passive and wait for a bite. Be social. Engage with others and be proactive and accessible.

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