May 27, 2022
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2022 Heats Up

Summer is just around the corner, and we can already feel things heating up in the Minto office after another month packed with existing projects coming to a fulfilling close and new jobs coming to life. No short on highlights, here’s what we’ve been up to in May!

Minto Travel Competition

2022 is going to be a summer worth celebrating! With restrictions easing and everybody getting out again, travelling the world far and wide, and getting on their much-needed holidays abroad, now feels like the perfect time to relaunch Minto’s travel competition…The rules are simple; all you have to do is pack a Minto product of any kind send us a snap from wherever your travels take you – our favourite photo EVERY month wins an exclusive Minto goodie bag whilst everyone who sends in a picture from their adventures will have the exclusive chance to feature in our 2023 calendar! Want to get involved? Find out how HERE!

Langen Motorcycles

Born out of a passion to design and develop machines unlike anything else on the road, Langen Motorcycles have already found themselves pushing the boundaries of modern technology and innovation without losing the quintessential raw experience and feeling of riding a motorcycleHaving initially been brought together to design and supply a range of branded goods and brochures ahead of the stunning Two Strokes debut at The Goodwood Festival of Speed last summer, we recently closed the next chapter of Langen's determined takeover; the design and build of the brand new Langen Motorcycle website, complete with built-in E-Commerce option. Check out our work with Langen here.

Gordon RDA

Providing disabled children with the incredible new opportunity to ride horses and form special bonds, Gordon Riding for the Disabled have been a massive part of the Aberdeenshire community since their initial inception in the 1970s. Barely slowing down since, the Scottish charity are no stranger to making an impact in the lives of their many delighted client's thanks to a team of dedicated volunteers and a roster of special equine companions.

Looking ahead to a future filled with exciting opportunities and continued growth, GRDA are all set for whatever comes next thanks to their new rebranding and E-Commerce integrated website provided by the team at Minto. Take a look at the full GRDA project here.

Rock Flow Dynamics Branded Golf Gear

We were absolutely delighted to work with the team over at Rock Flow Dynamics to supply and design a diverse range of tNavigator branded golf gear to ensure they were at the top of their game for their golf day out at Meldrum House Hotel. It's been great to see golf days out and events finally back in full swing with businesses dying to get back on the course to host fantastic days out for employees and clients alike after a couple of years of uncertainty. Make sure you check out our Golf Catalogue to see this years latest gear.

Product of the Month: Minto's Must-Have Summer Products 2022

June is around the corner and we’ve firmly got our eyes set on the summer holidays – and it’s about time your brand does the same too. Looking ahead to sun-soaked adventures and relaxing getaways, we’ve put together FIVE of the must-have products your brand should be putting its name on this summer season, perfect for employee gifts and client giveaways. Check out the full list HERE and if you like what you see, get in touch today.

Our Latest Blog: The Era of the 'Debrand'

As design develops and transforms, brands have always got one eye out and an open mind for whatever is capturing the corporate zeitgeist around them. Where some pioneering brands will step forward to pave the way for the new normal, other brands are more than happy to follow suit and put their twist on what's current. Not as much a trend as a complete corporate shift, we’ve seen the increasing need for brands to strip themselves back and ‘debrand’ to fit new digital cultures and climates. But it’s the mark of great design when, even with reduced elements and less room for manoeuvring, you can still effectively tell a story. Read our latest blog today.

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