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We at Minto love our technology gadgets and are always keen to find the latest one out there and give it a test before recommending it to our clients.

When we were recently introduced to the 2 in 1 cable we couldn’t resist the chance to put it to the test.

Even with the advancements in smart phone technology, battery life will always be an issue and there will always be a need to charge your phone at some point during the day.

Like most people I set my phone to charge at night, so it is fully charged in the morning, but throughout the day the battery will quickly drain from using apps, checking emails, making phone calls etc. Depending on the day I may need to charge my phone in the office, which means I either need to take a cable from home with me every day just in case I need it or borrow a colleagues (if they have one). I used to have an Android and everyone in the Minto office has an iPhone, meaning that for a long time I couldn’t borrow a cable from them and would have to remember a cable every day, which quickly became a bit of a hassle.

 This is where our new 2-in-1 cable comes to the rescue. On one end of the cable it has the standard USB connector and on the opposite end it has a Micro USB and a Lightning connector so it can charge iPhones/iPads and any other smart phone.

The best part is that both ends have magnets on them so they can be closed together and be kept of your keys, saving the need to remember to take a cable with you.

There are other 2-in-1 cables on the market, but this is the first one that I have seen which has a modern design.

It offers a surprisingly large branding area (19 x 8mm) for the size of the product, (a first-class product belongs in a high-quality and customer-oriented packaging!) It is standard that each of our charging cables comes along with a blister pack.

At your request, we will create a suitable packaging design according to your corporate design, to help the product make as much of an impact as possible.

In closing, I wish I found this product before I went on holiday as one of our iPhones ran out of battery on a day out, I took out my Minto charger but I only had a micro USB cable as I had forgotten to take the lightning cable, if I had the 2-in-1 cable the problem would have solved. It’s perfect for travel, days away, days at home and for the office.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and this is a great example of such a case. There is a reason this won product of the year 2017!

Written By Darren Allan Sales Admin @ Minto View my LinkedIn profile here

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