A fresh face here at Minto!

We welcome Brayden Sutherland to the team.

“Prior to joining the Minto team I was part of the sales team at Argon Isotank and Dominion Gas (both owned by Praxair).

I started my journey as an Administrator with Argon Isotank, within my first couple of weeks I started helping with sales enquires and visiting customers/looking for new opportunities, an opportunity then arose for me to join the sales team permanently and I became a Sales Coordinator soon followed with moving into a Sales Executive role.

In the latter end I also joined the Dominion Gas sales team, whilst still focusing on the Argon Isotank business.

Although I enjoyed my time with both Praxair companies and had fantastic opportunities, I felt I was ready for a new challenge!"

When Brayden isn't working hard with a lovely cup of tea, she can be found with the occasional Gin in hand!

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