5 Awesome TV Commercials From 1969

Check out these tv ads from the year Minto Branding were founded.

The 60s were an incredibly turbulent time across the world with art, culture and politics changing faster than ever. Marketing and advertising (specifically print, television and radio) were blooming, with creatives around the world doing everything they could to sell, sell, sell.

Times have changed but it’s worth looking back at what came before! Take a look at these television commercials from the year we were founded, 1969.

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The ever-present pen manufacturer took it to extremes with their durability.

Kit Kat

Don’t work too hard. There’s always time to take a break.


The colonel lets you know just why KFC is so darn good.


A product of its times this ad advocates its product in slightly terrifying cartoony fashion.

Pan Am 747

The brand new 747 is coming to you with “8 ft ceilings in economy” apparently.

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