4 Ways To Generate Leads With Branded Merchandise

Improve your brand visibility, motivate sales, introduce new products and generate leads.

Are Promotional Items Really Worth The Money?

A question which some clients have been asking. Well, we think it’s too soon to bin the promotional merchandise marketing just yet! You see, these items are not merely a branding tool that helps improve visibility. No. Giving something away can reward customer loyalty or even prove to prospects just how much you value their time and interest.

Did you know that 67% of people pass their promo items on to someone else when they no longer needed it?

It’s time to get to grips with the wider perspective. Not only is branded merchandise good for improving your brand visibility, it’s also a fantastic way to motivate sales, introduce new products and generate new leads. It really works!

Remember that 82% of consumers who received promotional products left with a more positive impression of a brand!

Here are some easy ways to leverage your branded merchandise and promotional products to help convert your prospects into leads.


Get Specific: Target Your Prospects

Adapt your product offerings to your ideal clients. If you are out there calling, emailing, connecting and shaking hands, why not take something tailored to that client? The top 3 reasons people retain promotional products are that they are Fun, Functional or Fashionable, so send them something useful and relevant to their industry. 

Personal touches go a long way. These TSA Lugguage locks for example will travel with your clients wherever they go, they are useful, hard wearing and compact. Great for customers with a jet-set lifestyle or overseas clients.

Good First Impressions

Clothing and fashion accessories such as hoodies, bags & jackets etc. deliver consistently high numbers of impressions. In one Advertising Speciality Institute study, outerwear generated an average of 5,125 impressions, bags 4,066 and t-shirts 1,852. It’s important to pick the right item for first impressions so encourage your customers to do the same.

Branded clothing can be a great way for your workforce to reinforce their brand involvement and belonging. For customers, it gives them the chance to feel a part of your brand and advocate their support for your brand message. (Not to mention the added bonus of having something that looks and feels good to wear).

Swap Value for Value

Every event and conference delegate is going to leave with a pocket full of pens and stationary but that’s OK! Your branded pen will find its way to a desk or pocket and will do its job there, letting them know whenever they sign a new contract that you’re there if they need you. However, if you’re bringing high-value items to your trade show, make sure they go to the right people.

Having a productive conversation with someone? Offer them something a little bigger for a little information, a branded golf umbrella for a telephone number or a leather wash bag for an email. Make them feel special and they will leave happy. They will remember the conversation and you can easily follow it up later!

Organise a Referral Programme

Your most potent advocates could be your employees and current customers! But what’s in it for them? Swap out the traditional finder’s fee for something a little more personal. 

Keep ahead of trends and offer up the most recent, tasty or fashionable products as reward for successful leads. Turn your customers into promoters.


Remember, don’t cheap out. Work out the value of a lead and spend accordingly. The more valuable your leads, the more you can offer as an incentive.


So now you’re ready to generate leads and keep your brand relevant. Get in touch with us today and we can help you decide the best items to represent your business.


Promotional items still give a lot of bang for their buck.

(Sources: Advertising Speciality Institute 2016 (London); PPAI Consumer Study 2017)

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