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Branded clothing doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve proven as much. It’s about more than just slapping a logo on a t-shirt or a hat and packing it all up to send on its way. Why not have some fun with it? Get creative? That’s what fuels our team when we take on a project that involves designing and sourcing branded apparel – we understand that it’s more than just a piece of fabric, it’s a way to communicate your brand to everyone you meet. Well, when you put it like that, why wouldn’t you want the very best of branded clothing design? No matter the environment you work in, we can help you make the right first impression and send the best message. Our tried and tested design process will guide you from concept to completion and ensure your brand creates the maximum impact with your target audience.

Why is branded clothing important?

Branded clothing is all about putting your best foot forward. You should want to communicate a good brand identity with potential clients and customers, and we know that wearing the best gear with the smartest design is an incredibly effective way to do that. Clothing is a personal way to communicate your brand by proudly displaying your logo whether that be a t-shirt, a hat, a jacket, or anything else we think would suit your business identity. When you, or even better someone who just likes your brand, pops to the shops wearing your branded clothing, then that right there is increasing your brands reach and its recognition. Everyone they pass will be exposed to your brand, and if you take the time and care to source someone who is going to create a striking design, then that will catch the eyes of even more people. A strong design paired with the best quality of branded clothing pays for itself…

Not only is a great design effective for building brand awareness, whilst being a cost-effect method of marketing, it’s also great for building loyalty and relationships with the public and potential customers. Branded clothing and creative designs can give people a glimpse into the company culture and what the brand is all about. The right design can transcend simple marketing and instead offer a customer insight into who you are, your values, your industry, and the quality of the products and services you offer. How? Well, you’re not going to want your logo poorly printed onto a substandard quality of product. We wouldn’t put the Minto name onto below par quality clothing, and we would never do the same to our clients.

Over the years, no matter the client or the brief, our work tends to go beyond the initial proposals. Our clients know they can count on us to go that extra mile and deliver something truly special. Whether it’s web design, print, or social media management, our clients choose us to offer solutions to all their requirements – branded clothing and beyond. That’s because they know they can trust us, and the relationship we build is one that lasts. That is part of how we operate, and why clients trust us to manage a project from start to finish, no matter what turn the project takes. No matter the changes within industries, or how marketing evolves, one thing remains consistent - the right design paired with the best quality available makes a winning formula, time after time.

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