Top 30 Christmas Adverts 2018

Our roundup of 30 of the UK's biggest Christmas ads 2018 plus one.

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It’s not December yet but the big brands have set loose their Christmas cheer this month! So, tuck yourself up with a cosy blanket and a hot chocolate because it’s time to get festive. Here’s our round up of the top 30 UK Christmas Ads of 2018! (Plus one honourable mention.)

30. Coca Cola – Holidays Are Coming

Right down at the bottom this year, at least for us, is the Coca Cola Christmas. While often synonymous with the coming of the Christmas retail season it feels like there's a little lack of anything new here. That said it's interesting to note the change from Coca Cola Original to Zero Sugar as the company moves to build it's sugar free offering.

29. Peacocks – Where the Magic Happens

Slightly uncanny valley stuff here. The style of the animation and the movement is just ever so slightly creepy. However, it's nice to see a bigger production from some of the less well known companies this year.

28. JD Sport – Christmas Advert 2018

Soulless and lacking any sort of festive cheer, this array of product close-ups barely nods to the winter theme. Its ok as an advert for the products it displays but misses the mark for Christmas. Maybe we're just getting old. *Bah Humbug*

27. Asda – Bring Home Christmas

Asda's 2017 offering claimed to be its "Best Christmas Ever" and so it has proven. Asda's latest festive offering, while well produced, leaves a lot to be desired. There's lots to look at but there's so much going on that any festive spirit is a little lost. Not helped perhaps by being one of the first off the mark this year on the 2nd of November.

26. Sky Cinema - Christmas Advert 2018

A nice little piece with plenty to look forward too. The play on the advent calendar is clever and the voice over by the ever incredible Sir Patrick Stewart is excellent.

25. Debenhams – Do A Bit of You-know-you-did-good

This video is actually a collection of shorts from Debenhams rather than one longer ad. You know that warm, slightly smug feeling when you get the present just right? That's what Debenhams is all about. Feel chuffed this Christmas.

24. Littlewoods – Own The Show

Another simple ad, playing on box office smash The Greatest Showman, Littlewoods shows off its range with a little bit of traditional Christmas sparkle!

23. M&S – Must-Haves

Holly Willoughby stars in this years M&S retail ad. It's cosy aesthetic is uniquely Marks and Spencers and it's a great selection of traditional holiday pastimes. The M&S Food advert didn't make the list but its also worth a watch if you fancy a mince pie or two.

22. Nestle Quality Street – What’s Your Favourite Favourite

Does what it says on the purple plastic tub. Simple but sweet. Isn't that exactly what Quality Street is about?

21. PC World – The Magic of Christmas Upgrade

There is an odd juxtaposition of old and new in this year's PC World advert. The mix of old and new is certainly a fun take on the Christmas tradition.

20. Tesco – However You Do Christmas

Tesco have worked really hard to make this years Christmas offering as inclusive as possible. People from all walks of life come together to celebrate and enjoy great food, family and friends. We especially agree with the sprout chucking at 38 seconds... do you?

19. Lidl – Party Food Selection

A Lidl humour goes a long way. Not to spoil the ending but not only does Nigel enjoy a selection of delicious party food but he's looking to add a little something extra, however missguided.

18. Aldi UK – Kevin  The Carrot  Cliff Hanger

Actually this is just one of a series of ongoing adverts from Aldi. However, this one makes the list mainly due to the funny carrot, the fact that it's blatant rip off of the Coca Cola truck, and its reference to the Italian Job. One thing though. Would that truck have made that turn even if it wasn't being driving in poor conditions by a carrot? A question that keep us up at night...

17. Next – Family Christmas

Everyday Christmas for everyday families. That's the look Next have gone for this year and the realistic characters only add to the charm.

16. Vodafone – Christmas Advert 2018

Martin Freeman's current escapades with mobile giant Vodafone haven't been without their missteps this year. One particular ad was banned by the ASA when it was deemed to be misleading. Not so with their Christmas ad. Sherlock star Freeman celebrates a mobile assisted solution to his forgetfulness with his very best ice skating. Or someone's ice skating anyway.

15. Cadbury - Secret Santa

While not as iconic as the famous Gorilla ad, this one celebrates the giving of chocolate in an adorable one minute advert. So don your Santa mask and get giving.

14. Boots – Gifts That Get Them

What are mums for if not embarrassing their kids? Nice classic Christmas 'feels' from Boots as the main character laments her mums interference in her life. Plenty of things to like about this one, from its simple execution to its relatable characters.

13. Sainsbury’s – The Big Night

Much better than last years musical cringefest Sainsbury's focuses on giving everything you've got. Great fun and with the literal star being the star of the show. Big shout out to the (lords a) leaping plug at 1:22. We all dream of doing our own stunts and that is one of the greatest we've ever seen.

12. Iceland – Say Hello to Rang-tan

Surprised to see this years most controversial ad not in the top 10? We were too! The ad itself is pretty good but the use of the different styles clashed a little too much for our taste. The fact that it was already a video from Greenpeace is not explained as well as it could have been. Critics complain that palm oil production isn't the only cause of deforestation with some suggesting Iceland look to the agricultural sector. Banning the video has got Iceland a lot of publicity, the cynical amongst us might view this as a stunt. Make up your own mind. The characters at least are adorable!

11. Visa – Keep it Local

In its first ever Christmas advert Visa promote buying local. We're not too sure who this ad is aimed at, with most consumers using 'whatever card their bank does' but it certainly promotes its topic well. Likeable characters, fun shops and colourful produce make for a fun watch.

(Video Unavailable)

10. John Lewis & Partners – Elton John

"What?! Number 10. What a travesty!" We hear you. However, this years John Lewis (and now partners) advert just doesn't quite hit the spot. They created the very idea of the advert focused Christmas. Sure Coca Cola always had "You know its Christmas when you see the Coke ad" but John Lewis really smashed it back in 2011 and since then it has been hit or miss. The advert is great but it falls just short the standard that we've set for John Lewis. Maybe it's better than we think but it's not quite as good as that penguin.

9. – Find The Gift That Helps Them Find Their Gift.

This rolls of the tongue ad boasts a very similar story to the John Lewis advert. While it's about a girl who finds her passion through a gift she receives for Christmas, it feels a little more unique and exciting than the John Lewis offering. There's to be said here about simplicity. One criticism many had of the Elton John ad was the expense of the original gift. Not so here.

8. Amazon- Can You Feel It

Singing boxes. What more do you want? Can you feel it?

7. TK Maxx – The Neverending Stocking

While never exactly laugh out loud funny this advert is very different from the others in this years round up. It's absurd and amsuing in equal measure. It's also promoting an actual competition/giveaway which is unusual for the Christmas adverts. TK Maxx give something just a little different.

6. Argos – The Christmas Fool

Another fun advert this year from Argos. The Christmas Fool causes chaos wherever he goes like a tiny, pink Grinch. Can Argos save Christmas? Of course they can.

5. Heathrow Airport – The Heathrow Bear Returns

Playing your feelings like a musical instrument Heathrow Airport jump on the emotional bandwagon to deliver one of this years 'aww' moments. Missing their ever exuberant family The Bears abroad decide to head for home.

4. KFC UK – Christmas Advert

The only advert this year to make us actually laugh out loud was this years completely absurd and somehow strangely adorable Chicken V Turkey ad. We'll we know who we're backing this Christmas.

3. Barbour – Snowman

Tying in with the 40th anniversary of The Snowman, Barbour recreate the iconic figure alongside a wide eyed girl who truly believes that maybe, just maybe, he might be real.

2. McDonald’s UK – Reindeer Ready

The reindeer steal the show in this years McDonald's UK Christmas Ad. People aren't leaving out carrots for the reindeer. What should he do? We'll your first though probably wasnt "He should head for Maccy D's" but maybe now it might be. Avoiding the more controversial options, the fast food giant focuses on it's healthier offerings.

1. Waitrose & Partners – Fast Forward

It was a tough one this year but Waitrose lands at number one for us. Their ad falls somewhere between cheekily irreverent and knowingly satirical. Great tie between the two brands and a fantastic level of self awareness. Just watch it.

The End...Or is it?

We know you’ve just sat through nearly an hour of Christmas Ads (or more likely skipped most of them to see which one we picked for number 1.) but we’ve just got time for one more a funny Australian Aldi ad we thought you’d like.

Merry Christmas you filthy animal…

Aldi Australia – Santa Crashes Christmas

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