The New Range of MagSafe Chargers

Introducing the latest in charging technology.

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As the technology in our phones evolves and its capabilities grow, we’re always asking for more and more of our phone’s battery. Whether it’s through a long commute and that extended playlist or an afternoon of switching between apps and replying to emails, it often doesn’t feel long before your phone is running on fumes. Thankfully though, as our phones evolve, so does the technology to charge them.

Slick, compact, comfortable to carry, and most important of all, powerful. Introducing the latest MagSafe range of chargers.

This exclusive range, compatible with the iPhone 12 and up, uses the latest technology and a safe and secure set of magnets to allow you to simply click chargers and accessories onto the back of your phone to use on the go. Available in a variety of specifications and designs, each charger and accessory comes with integrated, high-quality N52 magnets that are perfectly aligned for the strongest adhesion, maintaining optimal alignment for the best charging positions at all times.

If you’d like to make an order or enquiry about the latest range of MagSafe charging products and accessories, complete with bespoke branding options, please get in touch today with us at

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