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Our team of social media gurus will reach your audience, generate leads and build your business. Supercharge your marketing on social media.

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Social media marketing is all about forging connections and building relationships between consumers and businesses, which is why it was such a natural fit when we looked to expand on our digital services. With years of experience crafting lasting relationships with our client bases, it's this same philosophy that we apply to social media marketing. We have got the tools and know-how to help build and expand social media presence by reaching your target audience, generating leads, and invigorating your businesses social capabilities.

Communicating Key Messages

As you can expect from Minto, we will work with you closely so we can help to identify your goals, your audience, and adapt your brand so it fits perfectly into each social media platform that we know will work best for you and your brand goals. Whilst more traditional forms of advertising face constant uncertainties and change, social media continues to grow and push, creating unique and exciting new opportunities for your business to excel in ways it never has before. A well-run social media presence has the power to inform, inspire, educate or entertain. Not to mention those sales leads you’ve been searching for… How? Social Media offers unrivalled opportunities to reach your current and future customers with targeted content and messaging. Our dedicated account managers will keep your Social Media channels under control and provide a personal, tailored service to suit your every need with our bespoke services.

Content Creation

The concept of inbound marketing holds at its core the belief that providing value to your customers will result in revenue. We can recommend, create or fully manage content creation and social strategy to attract, convert and delight your customers. After discussing how you want your social to reflect and represent your brand and business, we can do what we do best and get creative. We can create content that is suited to how you want to identify yourself online, complete with your own specific tone of voice and style of posting. When it comes to the posts themselves, we won’t make you choose between quality and quantity - we can deliver both. Whether you want to be involved with the content that is produced, or you’re happy to let our social team craft the content themselves, we are happy to work with you on a strategy that works best for the brand.

PPC and Advertising

Our dedicated team will target the right people, manage your existing community, and develop the future of your Social Media strategy. We will help you build strong relationships with your customers using a mixture of channels and advertising methods to achieve the best results. We’ve got plenty of experience delivering the best customer service, and nowhere is that more important than online for everyone to see – putting your brand in the best position for marketing and PR.

Achieving Results

We can analyse and assess your Social Media presence (or that of your competitors) and provide strategic advice on your next steps. We can undertake research ranging from a cosy chat with your team to surveying your current customer base. All of this is key so we can help you understand who your customers are and how best to reach them so that you can achieve the results you’ve been craving.

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