Refresh or Rebrand: When to revisit your branding

When is it time to revisit your branding and how far do you go?

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Refresh or Rebrand: When to Revisit Your Branding.


Do you groan on the inside when you see your logo? Cringe
when you hand over a business card? Then maybe it’s time to revisit your
branding. The question is, how far do you go?

A full rebrand can be an expensive business and there’s a
lot of work involved but it might be worth the investment!

Too much work? Then a refresh might just what your brand
needs! It’s an easier exercise and much less disruptive… but is it enough? Sometimes
it can be.


Spot The Difference.

So what’s the difference between the two?

A refresh is a revisiting of your current style and, well,
tidying up a little. Just like adding a new lick of paint to your shop front, a
refresh could be as simple as a new logo font or an updated colour scheme on

A rebrand by contrast is a lot more destructive. You’re
tearing down the old to make way for the new. Instead of tidying up, you’re
consigning the current style and all its uses to the metaphorical bonfire and
starting again.

Are you ready to strike the match?

Match Being Struck
Light It Up

Should I Rebrand?

Ask yourself this:

Do you hate your branding?

Is it so out of date that your walls are carpeted
and the logo is wearing flairs?

Has your company expanded beyond what it
originally offered?


If the answer is yes to any of these; your company now also
sells dishwashers; or you’re just embarrassed to show people your business card…
then yes, it might be time to invest in a rebrand. (If not then you don’t need
to go to such extremes, unless you want to!)

The best place to start with a rebrand is by revisiting your
company values. Map out what you stand for and build a set of ideals to steer
your company message. Research your customers, build your narrative and finally
deliver a brief to your creative team. Whether done by an in-house team or an
agency, the creative branding process will take these basic building blocks and
develop a personality for your brand that will take you to new places and
delight your current and future customers.

Your 3 Steps To Kickstart Your Rebrand
Map out your ideals & values
Build your narrative
Deliver the brief

That Sounds Extreme. I'd Prefer a Refresh.

There is always room for a refresh. If your logo hasn’t been
updated in a few years and is looking tired you can have a talented design
agency rustle up a few suggestions in no time. If your marketing efforts are
falling flat or you just want a change then a refresh could help push your
marketing up a gear.

So you’ve decided to modernise. Great! Consumers and clients
respond well to a brand that’s willing to move forward. Sometimes that change
can be controversial…

Instagram Logo Change
Instagram's New Logo Received Mixed Reviews.

Sometimes not so noticeable.

The Twitter Bird Loses His Tuft

But both changes have left the companies with a new look and
represent their aspirations and values in the best possible way.

A recent project we have completed has seen a subtle change make an iconic difference. Take a look at the example below from the Aberdeen Science Centre.

Old & New

The subtle change to font, colour and design reflective Aberdeen
Science Centre’s aspirational quest for new horizons and reflect the strength of the brand. The new logo was designed
to bring new colour and depth to the Aberdeen Science Centre brand.

And Relax…

In summary, you don’t always need to take the hard way.
Sometimes it’s ok to build on what you have, to take your identity and run with
it. Remember, it’s always your decision. You know your brand best but you can
always ask for advice.

Get in touch to find out about how we can help with rebrands
or a brand refresh.

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