Minto Monthly - February

With exciting projects coming to a close and new ones just beginning, February kept up January's pace...

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2022’s Not Slowing Down… After a flying start to the year in January, February had a lot to live up to but it didn’t disappoint with some major projects coming to a fulfilling close with the launch of an exciting new rebrand built for the future, and plenty more projects kicking off or picking up steam. With clients, both old and new, getting back to business after a turbulent couple of years, 2022 is already taking shape with plenty on the horizon to get excited about.


Since its formation in 2010, LFH Engineering has grown to become a reliable market leader in fluid transfer, but now was the time for a rebrand that truly reflects the company’s current products and services, along with its plans for a brighter, greener future. So, LFH Fluid Control was born. Having looked after the company’s branding since its inception, we were once again called into action to provide a new image for the refocused, forward thinking industry leader with the rebrand itself, a striking new website, and signage & livery to seal the deal.

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Stormtech's Spring 2022 Catalogue

Say hello to Spring with Stormtech’s latest collection available to order now, complete with bespoke branding options. With 48 new styles as part of the sustainably sourced Pure Earth by Stormtech Collection, the catalogue features classic tried and tested options, as well as new additions we know you’ll love.

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

2022 is set to be another exciting year for graphic design with more developments and innovations taking place thanks to all the creative individuals coming up with striking and bold new designs that eschew all that has come before. We rounded up some a few of the latest graphic design trends that will soon be taking over the industry. And of course, we couldn't let February pass us by without taking a deep dive into some of the biggest and best Valentine's Day campaigns from over the years that had us falling head over heels for the chosen brands. Click the images to catch up on our latest blogs!

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