Importance of adopting a digital marketing strategy

Adapt to the new world by adopting a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

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If you’re involved with your businesses marketing decisions, then I know you’ve noticed some pretty drastic changes in the last 5 years. We’ve all seen first-hand how important it is for businesses of all sizes, and in all industries to adopt a new digital marketing strategy. Within marketing, those that have sworn on the ways of old have seen the digital reckoning. The expanding capabilities of modern technology, and the new marketing ideas that come with that new tech, means that businesses are now able to provide services that wouldn’t have been possible not too long ago. Businesses have had to adapt, or they risk failing and for many, that can be an alarming proposition. The possibilities, and importance, of having a strong focus and attention to digital marketing has become even more apparent in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdowns it’s entailed. With high streets empty and people restricted to their homes, that’s meant that businesses have had to adapt and find new ways to reach their consumers. For many, it’s been a wakeup call and a stark reminder of the need to evolve with your market in order to survive.

To have a thriving digital presence, businesses need a strong website, social media presence, and effective search engine optimisation.

The growing importance of a well-managed digital marketing strategy isn’t all bad news, nor is it all doom and gloom. It’s not just about survival. There is still the potential for businesses to not only survive, but thrive too. Businesses have perhaps more room than ever to get creative with their strategy. Whilst the need for a strong digital presence and to computerise operations has become a necessity more than a luxury, that also opens up room to grow and evolve in all sorts of wonder ways. But what do you need to reach the heights of digital prosperity that are just around the corner? A strong website; social media presence; and effective search engine optimisation. These 3 key components should be part of your digital marketing strategy and if they aren’t, at the very least they should signify the importance of adopting one. A well run combination of all 3 should lead you to success, and could be what’s holding your business back from achieving your desired results in the changing marketing world.

Style or Substance? You can have both.

The importance of having a strong online presence ultimately boils down to being easily accessible to the average consumer, whether they have bought from you before or not. In such a competitive world it’s imperative for you to meet your consumer on their turf, it needs to be a level playing field and where they feel most comfortable. More often than not –and especially in the post-COVID marketplace – that is going to be online. However, don’t go thinking that having a shiny new website and an aesthetically pleasing social media profile is enough to keep you afloat in the online world– anyone can have that. You need to stand out and keep the consumer engaged, style is important but let’s not abandon substance in all the flair and excitement. The content you publish within your digital strategy will allow you to draw in an audience to your site or your social media profile. The better quality the content = the more traffic you will pull into your business. Longer form blog posts, competitions and giveaways, videos and animations – this is the type of content that you should be rotating within your digital schedule. Bolstering your online presence and optimising the content you produce really can-do wonders for your businesses digital marketing strategy. Trust us…

With the help of Minto.

If this is all new to you, or it sounds a little overwhelming and confusing, then don’t worry. It’s a new world and it can take time to adapt, but that shouldn’t put you off adopting a digital marketing strategy. The help is out there to give your business the tools to enter the online world and emerge triumphant. At Minto, we understand the anxiety that comes with changing your business structure or adopting new techniques, we’ve been there ourselves. But we also know our stuff. Web design and development; social media management; content creation. All of these key components of digital marketing are services we offer here in-house, and we’ve got the track record to prove it. No job is too big nor too small for us, and no business is out of reach. We’ve got the experience of working with all manner of organisations, all of whom were working towards their own individual goals. We also know the competition out there, and how easy it is to fall behind. So don’t waste any more time. An effective digital marketing strategy can help even the smallest of businesses – both in physical locations and online spaces. The pedestal you can reach with a strong online presence means that smaller businesses can actually hold a top-ranking position when they adopt an effective digital marketing strategy. Take a look through our case studies to see the work we’ve done, and when you’re ready to get to work – get in touch.


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