How to Spot a Fake Bobby Bag Backpack

Find out how to spot the counterfeit bags

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Real VS Fake Bobby Backpacks

Back in 2018 we launched the ‘Bobby Bag’, an anti-theft backpack as created by Dutch Design firm XD Design. The name was was developed after the iconic British Policeman as the product is designed to help protect your valuables from potential thieves and pickpockets.

The Bobby has been a hit over the last year, successfully helping travellers all around the world obtain peace of mind…however - what happens when your Bobby turns out to be an imposter?

With the success of new products hitting the marketplace, chances are there are going to be copies. Many of these look extremely similar to the Bobby and may be half the price, however chances are if this is the case and the deal seems too good to be true… it most likely is.

The issue with this is, whilst being delighted that you’ve got a severely marked down product, the quality has to be compromised. What makes the Bobby special is the fact that they are anti-theft, cut proof and resilient. So there lies the question…how do you spot the differences between the real deal and a complete fake?

Here is Minto’s 5 step spot the differences to watch out for:

Real VS Fake (left to right)

1. The location of the USB port is a huge giveaway in spotting an imposter. With the original Bobby, the USB port is located on the inside between the strap and the bag itself. This means the port remains hidden while being worn, rather than being located on the outside of the bag and visible as seen on many fakes.

2. How do the images look on the website? If the photos of the backpack are low resolution, bad quality or looked cropped, chances are it’s an imposter. Only the real deal and true suppliers will have access to the legitimate images of the product.

3. How much is the bag going to cost you? Is the price very appealing or you are being offered an extremely generous discount? Then it’s not going to be a real Bobby. We all love a bargain but remember the old saying “If it’s too good to be true it probably is” definitely applies!


4. Firmness. Now this may sound like an odd one, but all our Bobbies are firm, resilient and remain in a great shape, unlike copies, which are made of lower quality material. The impact being that it will most likely not have the same anti-theft qualities that make the original Bobby shine. Watch out for saggyness, looseness or a lower grade, misshapen look.

5. The clue is in the name. The official name of the backpack is The ‘Bobby’. The only other name that remains the real deal within this range is ‘Elle’, the Bobby’s sister backpack, which protects both your belongings and you, with a built in alarm system. Any other name on the market does not belong in the XD Design family and will be a guaranteed imitation.

If in doubt, give our sales team a call or contact our team at where we will be happy to share out expertise.

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