Branded Goodies Perfect for Your 2021 Christmas Giveaways

Branded Goodies Perfect for Your 2021 Christmas Giveaways

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Run from it. Hide from it. Switch off the radio or change the TV channel. Spend every last second in the warmth of your duvet before getting up in the morning. No matter what you do, you can’t escape that Christmas is coming. And as the festive invasion slowly begins, it won’t be long before it fully takes over.

Whilst the Minto team haven’t even carved their pumpkins or put their cobwebs up yet, we’ve already been busy in the workshop putting together plenty of bespoke, fully customised, branded gifts and goodies for Christmas and the New Year, ready to deliver to our clients before our office closes on the 24th of December. And in the meantime, delaying the inevitable and putting off preparations will only come back to haunt you come December. So, save yourself the stress and start making your list, checking it twice, and getting everything ready so you’re not running around last minute.

Looking for inspiration? We’ve put together a list of branded goodies perfect for your employees’ stockings at Christmas office parties or corporate gift giveaways. Featuring all our best sellers and personal favourites, our giveaway list is all available to order, so get in touch today.

allroundo® All-In-One Charging Cable

A fantastic crowd-pleaser, the allroundo® All-in-One charge cable features an innovative design that offers 6 different connections for your mobile phone in one compact, stylish design that cuts down on clutter. And it looks even smarter with your brand’s logo printed on top.


The perfect accompaniment to your Christmas playlist or Spotify Wrapped, these Free Flow TWS earbuds come complete with charging case that fully charges within 1 hour for a 3-hour playtime so you can listen to Mariah and Slade in private to your heart's content.

Portable Speaker

Want to subject the rest of the party to your playlists? This high-end wireless speaker lasts up to 8 hours before needing recharged – good luck keeping up. A portable speaker like this is a guaranteed hit over the holidays as the festive tunes flow through the house.

Recycled Stationery

Looking to go green and do your bit in 2022? Whether you’re making vital first steps or you’re eco-friendly to the core, the Celuk pen and notebook set is a must-have for office desks. Including a bamboo ballpoint pen, the notebook is water-resistant, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. And better yet, it’s all fully recycled.

Stormtech Jacket

Whilst we’d love to advocate for sunnies and swimming shorts, let’s be realistic. Stormtech’s Epsilon Softshell allows you to move unencumbered through nature no matter what it throws at you to keep you and your employees dry and warm this winter.


The festive season asks a lot of your phone’s battery. Whether taking pictures, playing music, or lasting long days and nights, your phone needs all the help it can get. The High-Density Pocket Powerbank is lightweight and fits into your pocket whilst providing the opportunity to recharge your phone 3 times.

New Bobby Bag

An icon in our office and with our clients, the anti-theft Bobby Bag is an annual crowd-pleaser. Its timeless design, durability, and functionality with plenty of storage, security and even an integrated USB charging point, make it the first choice companion for work, travel, or long trips away.

Vasa Bottle

Another famed icon in the Minto office, the Vasa Bottle is well utilised at the water cooler and sits proudly at plenty of desks. With an abundance of room and potential to create unique and fully customised, bespoke designs, the Vasa Bottle is about as personal as it gets.

Product Packaging/Label

Looking to add a more personal touch to some treats or goodies? Our graphic design team can create bespoke, limited-edition designs for any product you want, from shortbread sleeves to beer labels – perfect for a creative and personalised touch to the Christmas office parties food and drink.


Beautifully crafted and chic, the Ivory Tuscon notebook – supplied by Castelli Italy – is already a proven best-seller with our clients. Our graphic design and print team will find the best way to create a bespoke design that makes it the ultimate organising companion and better yet, the ultimate corporate stocking-filler.

See something you like? Then let's get to work to find the best, creative solution to supply your brand with the perfect Christmas giveaway. Contact to make your enquiry.

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