8 Effective Social Media Post Ideas

Get started on a social media calendar with these great content ideas.

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Getting started on social media can be as easy as sitting down and writing your first post but how do you keep up the pace? Posting every day seems like a mammoth task for one person (especially when it’s not your day job) and deciding what to post can be even more challenging!

Luckily we've been doing it for a while so here are a few post types to get you started and inspire your social media strategy:

1. Blog Posts

Minto Blog Post Image

Blog posts are a great way to give your audience something of substance. Long form content has been on the rise for a while and, with waning attention spans, seems counter intuitive. Breaking up your blog posts into easily consumed headings and sections gives the reader information while not overloading them. (Blogs are also great for SEO but that’s a whole different article.)

2. Advice & Tips

Minto Tips Post Image

Posting advice and tips on your social media is a great way to engage your audience and help them solve their everyday problems. It strengthens your positioning as a solutions provider and can help reinforce your company/product/brand as a positive influencer. (Other reported side effects include: happiness and a warm fuzzy feeling when helping people out.)

3. Customer Testimonials

Minto Testimonial Image From Aberdeen Science Centre

Listening to your customers, both positive and negative, can help you to understand their needs and pain points. When you do hear something positive, don’t just nod and say thank you, ask if you can share their words! Customer testimonials can attract new customers, influence the decision making process and back up your product offering. Shout about it.

4. Industry News

Minto Tweet Image

It’s not all about you. Sometimes you need to share a little about others. If you’re operating in a crowded space, sharing industry news can keep your audience up to date with the latest developments and cement your reputation as being in touch and ahead of the industry.

5. Holiday Content

Minto Spooky Halloween Post Image

Posting holiday specific content brings a personal touch to your social media. You’re recognising festivities that are important to your customers and you can often have a little fun too. It’s vital to remember to be careful about appropriating cultural events to suit your business needs. Recognise your genuine customer base and join in their festivities but don’t overdo it for the sake of involvement. Authenticity is key.

6. Customer Case Studies

Egroup Logo - Minto Case Study Post Image

Turning success stories into case studies is a long established tradition and with social media it is easier than ever to share your successes with potential customers. When undertaking a project take notes on all your progressive stages. Report the brief, your ideas and your solutions and differentiate yourself from your competition by showcasing your process and your creative thinking.

7. Curated Content

Minto Heineken Marketing Week social share image

It's sometimes stated that the best mix of sales to non-sales content is 80/20. This means that 4 out of 5 posts aren’t directly selling your services or products at all. That’s a lot of content to produce, especially if you’re an SME or sole trader. Curated content is quite simply the re-sharing content from other sources. The trick is to make sure they are relevant, appropriate and high quality! Never share third party content without moderation. You don’t want any nasty surprises.

8. Contests

Minto golf competition image

Finally we come to contests, competitions, giveaways and raffles! These interactive and engaging form of post often come with a price tag but there are always people online looking for something for free. It’s important to make it relevant and consider the value of your giveaway. Be careful of serial competition enterers who have no interest in you or your product as a customer. Target groups or give away service promotions that require their participation. Most of all, make sure it's enjoyable! Photo competitions are a Facebook favourite and giveaways a great way to boost engagement.

If you want to know more about how we can help you plan your social media. Get in touch.

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