5 Branded Products Perfect for Summer

As the summer heats up, remember to stay cool with the best branded products for your business.

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5 Branded Products Perfect for Summer

As the summer heats up, remember to stay cool with the best branded products for your business. Here are 5 fantastic promotional products that will keep your brand sizzling away this summer.

Whatever your summer plans are, the importance of promoting your brand is never going to take a holiday. We think these suggestions can help take the pressure off so that you can focus on what’s important – putting your feet up and basking in that baking summer sun.

1. Deck Chair

If you’re great summer ‘adventure’ is all about rest and relaxation, then this is your ticket to lounge on the beach in comfort. Embark on your beach day and get the message out with a branded deck chair, complete with your company logo or a whole new design just for your holidays.

2. The Cap

Looking to enjoy the sun without the embarrassment of the dodgy face tan and lathering up of sunscreen? Well, the branded cap is the perfect solution so you can enjoy the heat AND keep your head cool. Complete with the right design, caps can help your brand stand out in the ideal summer style.

3. Short Sleeve T-Shirt

A summer essential, fit for everyone. Complete your summer look book with a range of short sleeve t-shirts, all finished with a unique and stylish design made specifically to reflect your brand, cooked up by our studio team. Represent your brand with pride whether at the next BBQ or a trip with the family.

4. Hold All / Leather Bag

Why travel with a bulky, ugly suitcase? Travel hassle-free in style with a branded travel bag that’ll have you feeling like the leading man. Whether it’s a night away or a great escape, these bags are made to show you that you can travel in style, without sacrificing practicality. Leave the kids at home, this is the ideal summer companion.

5. Umbrella

… Call us pessimists but we’ve had more than enough rain-soaked summers to think otherwise. That’s Scotland for you. Either way, our umbrellas are lightweight and transportable with more than enough room for great logo visibility. Stay prepared (and dry) whilst raising brand awareness in the least summery way possibly.

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