4 Steps To Enhance Your Social Media Strategy

Don't let poor planning affect results. Here's some advice.

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Ready to kick start your social media marketing?

1. Create A Plan

Don't let poor planning get you down. Get those ideas on paper and stick to it. Be flexible but don't abandon your plan and embrace chaos!

While 75% of marketers say they have a content strategy 38% of them haven't documented it. Those that did reported better results!

Create your SMART goals and document how you will achieve or exceed them. Break your goals down into deliverables (yearly, monthly, weekly) and make sure you and your conversion team are aligned and ready to launch your campaigns.

2. Design A Content Calendar

Coming up with social media posts every day is exhausting and you're always being reactive and never proactive. It's almost impossible to get support from other team members if you're constantly asking for last minute assets and concepts.

Take your planning to the next level with your social media content calendar. It helps you to spend your time more effectively by brainstorming your ideas in advance and letting your creative side out the box. If you get those Christmas assets done in July and not worry about staff shortages over the holidays and missing deadlines!

General Rule: Keep your marketing as stress free as possible.

A content calendar can help you to:

·        Meet deadlines

·        Pre-plan for important dates

·        Stay organised

·        Create assets

·        Manage your time more effectively

·        Analyse your content balance at a glance

3. Analyse Your Target Audience.

Our social media management services are broken down into 3 stages. Research, Planning and Delivery. Research and more research brings understanding that can be reflected in your content.

Identify your target customers and make sure your content is relevant to them. Many companies have no idea who their customers are (at least, the ones they want to reach). The first answer that often springs to mind is often "everyone" but no copy, however well written, can appeal to every single person.

That's the beauty of social media. If you have clearly defined your audience in the research stage you can hone in on those people with the inbuilt targeting capabilities of most social media channels.

4. Measure Your Success

You've already set your SMART goals so don't let them go unproven. Decide what Key Point Indicators (KPIs) matter to your business.

KPIs might include:

·        Organic Reach

·        Leads Generated

·        Sales

·        Site Visits

·        Time on Page

Don't worry if you don't meet some of your initial goals straight away but analyse what went wrong and what you can do better. And as yourself what opportunities are there to deliver better results next time? Remember, once you've started measuring it's time to tie it back to your ROI.

We offer a number of social media packages to support every budget. Get in touch on 01224 631544 or visit our contact page.

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