4 Examples Of Amazing B2B Websites

It’s time to do something a little differently. Your website is your number one sales tools…use it.

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4 Business to business websites that we just love.

Business to business (b2b) companies are evolving to take better advantage of the current digital world. Consumers and businesses alike are finding suppliers and making purchases faster and easier than ever before online. Businesses are adapting their to stand out from the crowd, capture the imaginations of their customers and convert their visitors to leads or sales.

It’s time to do something a little differently. Here are 4 of our favourite b2b websites. We love their unique take on business to business. Take a look.


1. Alibaba

Alibaba Screenshot

Alibaba is the biggest online b2b store in the world. They turnover an estimated £28 a year in revenue! Pretty incredible. Their online store is simple, clean and incredibly easy to navigate. Alibaba continue to expand their business and their super smooth online experience is only making that simpler.


2. Yapstone

Yapstone Screenshot

Yapstone are an online payment processing company. Their software makes is easy for their clients to process payments for a variety of different markets from holiday accommodation to private rents. Their website is great at leading their clients on a journey. You find yourself wandering through the well written sections, clicking the calls to action as they appear and digging deeper until you are presented with the “Contact now” button to close the deal. It’s a great example of scrolling website design and their use of supporting imagery is excellent too.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly Screenshot

These folks have been pushing their software for 10 years now and have really perfected the art of the conversion based website. The design is superb, interactive and clean. With animated sections to delight their visitors and simple, direct statements of their USP’s to convert any sceptic. Their calls to action change regularly from adding their product to chrome to signing up for premium. Despite all this their content never feels like a sales pitch. Everything about this site instils a feeling of trust and support that they know will eventually bring the sales they need. No mess. No rush.

4. Quid

Quid Screenshot

This data solutions company have splashed out on th in a major way. Everything about the interactive sections and bright, colourful graphics screams class and sophistication. They make a big thing of their client list and the functionality of their product. They don’t actually go into detail about the product but stick to the basics. This ensures a clean, superior, elite product feel that they exploit extremely well.

These are some of the big players in the B2B space and your business should be thinking about joining them. Your website is your number one sales tools…use it and make sure it’s right for you.
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