2019 Branding & Design Roundup With Digital ID

We were asked to contribute our opinion to a great original piece by Digital ID.

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We were approached by Digital Id and asked to review and contribute to a collaborative blog article they were developing. They were looking to find out more about where the creative industries saw branding and design headed in 2019. We were happy to help.

They were asking three questions:

What branding and design trends are going to emerge in 2019?

How will AR and VR affect branding and design in the future?

What can any business do right away to ensure their branding and design stand’s out from the crowd?

Below is an extract from our own submission. Please visit the Digital ID blog to read the full article.

On Design:

While colours, logos, typeface et al. will remain prominent they will be required to do more to support the overall brand vision. Logos especially must invoke the right emotional relationship with their customer base but it will be brand voice that will become the king of the brand guidelines.
Many of the trends we have seen emerge this year, such as gradients and movement, will continue to move forward with us into the New Year. In recent years we’ve seen the use of colour sway to more subtle tones, with popular use of pastels and whites.

On VR:

VR has huge potential in a business environment as a tool but puts a barrier between a customer and reality that will limit its usefulness when it comes to linking brand products to everyday life. AR often outweighs full VR when it comes to customer experience as it brings customers and brand together while maintaining the frame of reality.

On Standing Out:

Be true to your brand values. Authenticity and transparency have been a growing foundation for many businesses and building relationships with customers who truly ‘get’ your brand often outweighs short-term conversion in the long run.

To read more of our contribution and the input from over 15 other industry experts (Including Rebrandly) check out the full article on the Digital Id blog.


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