Vintage Motor Cycle Club

Getting to know you...

With over 16,000 members and 84 VMCC sections across the UK, the VMCC have been active since 1946.  If you have a bike 25 years or older, then this is the club for you. Even if you don’t own a bike, you can still become a member - the VMCC is for everyone with a keen interest in the beauty of vintage motorcycles. The wide appeal of the VMCC is down – in part – to the array of events that they organise, their British Historic Racing events for example are a huge attraction. It’s not hard to see why - the display of vintage racing machines being ridden hard and to their full extent is a spectacle for everyone to enjoy regardless of their motorcycle knowledge.

Vintage Motor Cycle Club (VMCC)
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The Brief

As the VMCC approached their historic 75th anniversary – falling on the 29th April 2021 – they wanted to celebrate this monumental occasion with a brand new and exclusive, limited edition product range. These products had to reflect the heart of the VMCC, celebrating their rich history whilst moving forward without abandoning their core values and audience. And for that, the VMCC needed the expertise of Minto - not just an expert in design and branding, we came with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world of vintage motorcycles. This was a collaboration steeped in history - a match made in heaven.

Old VMCC Logo

Getting the wheels turning

For the anniversary itself, we took their existing logo as inspiration to create a clean cut, modern crest which highlights their 75th birthday. Using a celebratory gold trim and font, with a contrasting blue background, the new graphic stands out in 2021 as much as it would have in 1946. With the anniversary crest chosen, it was time to find the perfect products that would complement the new design.

Having a background knowledge of the VMCC, we knew how to get the ball rolling when it came to product choice and design. The collection of items needed to be timeless, durable, stylish, and reflective of the previous 75 years of the VMCC, whilst looking to the next 75.

New VMCC 75 Years Logo

In the shop

A notebook, a wallet, a belt, beanies and hats, t-shirts and more... These were among some of the products that were hand selected by us here at team Minto. But for such a special anniversary we felt as though we needed to go that one step further. That’s where we decided to come up with a very special, limited edition 75th anniversary watch, complete with the newly designed VMCC 75th anniversary crest. Limited to a production run of only 75, these timepieces were a perfect fit for everything we set out to deliver. Finding the right watch to bolster the new design and brand wasn’t an easy task. It required style, it needed durability but also aesthetics to compliment day to day use in either the workshop or a day trip on the bike. I think we nailed this don’t you think?


An online success

With the watches being limited to a production run of 75, this meant that each one was even more personable and special. To fully showcase this, we included an inscription on the back of each timepiece that highlighted the production number of the watch, allowing customers to choose which one they wanted from 1 – 75. Setting up the products on the new VMCC e-commerce site – built by our partners at Digital Alchemy – we were confident that it wouldn’t take long for customers to get their hands on the new product range. And we were proven right.

With the members being notified via exclusive mailing lists, the products went live via the Digital Alchemy built e-commerce site. Featuring all the newly launched products, it wasn’t just the watches that proved to be a hit. Members of the VMCC flocked to get themselves or the motorcycle enthusiasts in their life a special commemorative gift. All the watches were sold in less than 24hrs.

From our client:

“The figures arising from the Minto’s involvement speak for themselves.  Within four weeks the Minto team had delivered a=comprehensive branding and e-commerce solution that immediately increased category sales in a non-core area from £300 per month to an astounding £30k per month.

In my 30 years in business, I have never seen such an immediate impact in sales and marketing performance, for a relatively modest investment and delivering clear ROI.

We look forward to extending Minto’s involvement to re-positioning our core business areas with the confidence to anticipate equally spectacular results.”
Mario Costa-Sa
VMCC Chair