Getting to know you...

The Garage Door Company are one of our oldest clients. We’ve been producing letterheads and stationery for them since 1989. Which is staggering. This is what client relationship dreams are made of. The company has been operating in one form or another for over 40 and has a relationship with one of their own suppliers Hormann for just as long. These guys know the meaning of loyalty. With that in mind, they asked us to help them take a new step and to develop a modern brand for them to take into the next 5 years.

The Garage Door Company
Door & Gate Supplier
Branding, Collateral, Web Design

It's so much more than a coat of paint.

There was a lot to think about. It seemed that they had strayed away from their central ethos. To provide superb quality garage doors to their customers.

Everything else was extra. So, we paired back their brand, dropped the location specific title, updated the logo and revisited everything important. Trust, Quality, Value.

The new blue is much bolder and more vibrant. We dropped the gradients and focused on a logomark that will be recognisable wherever it appears. The stacked wordmark emphasises the right elements. Dropping the location reflects the fact that they service areas across Scotland from Inverness to Dundee and beyond.

A new look online.

The Garage Door and Gate NE website didn’t quite hit the spot. So, our designers took a look at exactly what customers were looking for in a website.  The GDC want to help their customers pick the door that’s right for them. To do this, we made sure that every customer could easily see the benefits of each different style and fixture. Easy to absorb information on every single product type from sliding to industrial doors. With 20 pages of custom content and over 8500 words of bespoke copy written on a technical subject, our team learned more about doors than they ever imagined!

Stationery and Print

We’ve been providing printed stationery to The GDC for 30 years. Why stop now? We rebranded and redesigned all their collateral to bring everything together.