Getting to know you...

SRB Wealth Management are a central belt based financial institution that dream big. Their portfolio of managed funds has grown to over £100m in just over 10 years. As part of one of the largest financial institutions in the UK, St James’ Place, SRB want to represent themselves in a way that not only suits their current exceptional offering but also reflects their ambitions..

SRB Wealth Management
Branding, Collateral & Display

Starting with the colour blue

Everyone has to begin somewhere and SRB began with blue. Our studio took their original shade and pulled it towards the darker end of the spectrum. A subtle deepening of the colour.

An additional primary brand colour was chosen. Gold not only classically represents wealth, strength and power but also contrasted well on both light and dark backgrounds. It gives the brand a subtle depth of character.

And a few more...

While not a major part of the brief, we felt it important to introduce some options and give SRB additional range to play with in future. While the current brand is focused on the primary, future proofing their supporting material with a secondary palette was an interesting challenge.

A new identity

The new logo was designed to soften the brand and make it more personal and instantly recognisable. The introduction of the unique font and double-lined subtitle gives the logo greater height and a more centralised balance.

Thoughtful typography is a powerful brand tool adding additional visual meaning to what is communicated.

From old to bold...

A new brand needs a place to shine...

We produced the following collateral for SRB including business cards, notebooks, pens, pocket folders, and letterheads. This was all produced to a tight deadline for the launch of the new brand and to the highest standard.

Go big...

We also produced display banners from our pop up and wave range for the launch event in Glasgow.