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Taking Care of a Rebrand

Brand Consultation, Web Design and Uniform Fulfilment Services for a Leading Scottish Care Home

The Brief

Rosturk House Ltd are a family owned business with Care Homes throughout the East Neuk of Fife. Since 1989 their aim has been to help people feel at home and encourage the importance of every client to enjoy privacy with their own personal choices. This is reflected in the friendly and caring environment provided by Rosturk Ltd and visible through the uniquely different offering of care homes they operate. We starting working with Rosturk to ensure this clearly defined message was communicated more effectively and truly reflected across all touch points with their brand both internally and externally.

The Journey

We started internally by holding an initial consultation with the business to grasp where they had come as a business in 27 years and what they were looking to achieve. This outlined whole heartily that first class client care was their top priority and fostering a culture of ‘feel at home’ for both clients and staff was pivotal to that. We begin by researching the marketplace and subsequently creating several creative concepts for an updated logo and early stage brand. Once this developed we ensured the unique features of each of the care homes of Marchmont, Peacehaven, Rosturk House and Wilby House all had their own unique identity but remaining consistent with their Parent brand. By creating a parent logo and subsequent logos for all other care homes a carefully selected pallet of colours finalised the rebranding project. To further communicate the message externally we developed a range of concepts for printed literature to capture the company’s key value added services for both current and future clients. Marketing specifically to the decision makers within the families the strapline ‘caring since 1989’ was introduced to cement the reputation already built by Rosturk Ltd.

The Solution

Working alongside Rosturk Ltd at every step of the way we launched the rebrand by creating a range of printed marketing materials .The centre piece being a printed glossy brochure outlining the company as a whole with fact sheets on each individual house inserted to allow customers an in depth overview of the Rosturk Ltd offering to take away. We have since been involved in the design of a new website and are currently delivering new company uniforms to all staff in every care home complete with bespoke staff name badges. We are continuing to work with Rosturk to ensure the brand is received as intended both internally and externally.

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