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We have been working with John Lawrie Group Aberdeen for many years and designed and built their group website in 2019. View that here. We were delighted to win the contract to help put more emphasis on their US Tubulars division by creating a stand-alone focused website for all things Stateside. John Lawrie Tubulars (USA) have 6 yards in 5 different states from New Jersey to Colorado. Their HQ in Houston TX were excited to get started and so were we.

John Lawrie Tubulars (USA)
Tubulars & Piling Pipe Specialists
Web Design & Development

The Brief

In March 2020, we were asked if we thought we would be interested in delivering a new website specifically aimed at the US market. With brand new imagery, design and messaging to go with it. Shortly after accepting the challenge the UK entered lockdown in response to COVID-19. With many companies pausing projects and cutting costs John Lawrie did the opposite. From the comfort of our home offices we discussed a future that burst with opportunity and optimism. The US market, while paused like our own, would soon enough be turning over again and John Lawrie Tubulars would be there to greet it with a website that blew the competition away.

The site had to engage and encourage US users to discover the range of locations, services and inventory that they have available. To simplify the contact process and to clearly differentiate the messaging from the UK website. It was clear that both businesses had a unique audience and needed a unique approach. Oh, and it all needed done asap… we set a target of 6 to 8 weeks.

Our Approach

One of the challenges was to create something striking while not straying from the Group brand guidelines (now at 20 pages and still growing). The colour scheme and logo set are already well established. After long discussions on the options to rebrand or not to rebrand it was decided that their brand was still as strong as ever. This presented our team with a great opportunity to grow the brand rather than change it. We wanted to go bold.

In terms of development we focused on delivering quick and seamless user interactions with a few minimalist visual effects to add a little interest but above all making it simple. Emphasis was on the 6 yards, the services and their 2 million feet of pipe. We made sure the opportunities for contact were there from above the fold on the home page all the way through to each service page. We also integrated analytics and events tracking to monitor web activity and downloads specifically.

The use of font colour: #002f87 on white exceeds accessibility contrast guidelines (WCAG AAA) with a ratio of 11.95:1. A lot of time was spent optimising image size, optimising code and delivering a lightweight technical build to perform well on all browsers. We’ve even spent time bug fixing for IE9 and up. If that’s not dedication we don’t know what is.


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We think they like it though...

Visit the site here:

John Lawrie Tubulars

From our client:

“Just a big fat thank you for all your help with getting the new website up and running. It’s been the most straight forward web project I’ve ever worked on! I’ve had some good feedback already and look forward to hearing more... I really appreciate everyone’s help on this project, an 8 week turnaround is pretty good going, I’d say!”
Claire Sim
Group Marketing Manager