Getting to know you...

Ironstone Barbershop on Thistle Street is the kind of hairdresser you wished you’d always gone to after your first haircut. Deciding to set up his own barbershop our client was excited. He wanted a brand to represent the quality of what he can offer as well as showcase a little of that classic style and personality that sets him apart from the competition. Our studio spoke to the client at length about what mattered to him and to his customers. From that grew the brand idea.

Ironstone Barber
Hair & Beauty
Branding & Collateral

Back to Basics

Simplicity was key. We needed to brand Ironstone with a recognisable style that reflected the interior design and showed buckets of individuality. The logo was created with classical elements reminiscent of old-time barbershops with old look wordmark and a logo featuring the cut-throat razer.

Our colour palette was chosen to suit the personality of the brand with gold representing prestige and quality, and dark blue often being associated with depth, expertise and integrity in classic colour theory.

The Power of Words

The typography of the Ironstone Barbershop had to stand out. Not only would it be a prominent feature of the logo, but it had to represent the ideals behind. The Brim Narrow font for the main title gave a good strong element to build on. The BD Viewmaster was a nice stylish secondary to support that.


Once the brand was finalised, we printed some great quality collateral to help support the everyday business of Ironstone including business cards and pricelists.