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Creating a brand new look and feel for our own website.

The Brief

In late 2017 it was decided that our current website no longer met the needs of our clients or customers and wasn’t quite where we’d like it to be. The navigation was busy and the pages left a little to be desired.

At that stage we were using a third-party provider who had built and hosted our website on their own content management system (CMS). Having recently brought web-design capability in-house, this situation no longer made sense.

Why would we not build our own?! We had the design skills. We had the writing skills. Now we had the development capacity. A new website would allow Minto to take back editorial control and, at the same time, provide social proof of our capabilities to our new web design clients.

We wanted to take back customizability and create a more visually focused website and manageable blog. We wanted to improve our SEO and our ability to produce content thatour clients and customers would find valuable… So we said:

“Let’s Do This!”

In early 2018 we kicked off the project to revamp and refresh our website and began the process of planning our new site. We were on our way.

The Journey

Stage 1 - Research:

Before we could create our ideal website we needed to learn a few things. Our research stage allowed us to scope out our project from start to finish.

First we spent some time assessing similar websites in our space. We built up a picture of the competition as well as aspirational websites that brought the user experience (UX) together in fantastic ways.

Next we laid out the current sitemap and URL structure before developing our information architecture for the website. This allowed us to maintain the authority of our current SEO and create a more user friendly navigation experience. This stage allowed us to reduce the clutter and streamline our site navigation to create a more balanced UX.

And finally, we developed our focus keywords. We wanted to make sure the main pages would perform for their targeted subjects.

Stage 2 - Design:

We wanted a modern style. We wanted Minto to be up to date, relevant and above all easy to navigate. To help this we designed our visuals and page layout to support our content and we developed a visual focused design to back up the written content.

We mocked up and created a number of visuals which were discussed and amended multiple times before being locked in as just what we were looking for.

While we knew what we wanted to say, we needed a complete content re-write for the website. Some of our content was dated and some of it didn’t reflect our ideals of customer service and quality as clearly as possible. We spent a great deal of time getting what we wanted to say right. Some stuff didn’t work but we revised and edited until we had what we were looking for.

“Great job!”

The Solution


We soft launched the website in May 2018. We wanted to make sure the website worked in the way we intended, and we wanted to open it up to a broader range of testing than just the simple in-house variety. We contacted a number of clients, friends and supporters to take part. We needed a wide variety of clients to make sure they represented our client bases across multiple industries, company sizes and roles.

The feedback we received was incredibly useful to our design process. There were one or two bugs which were swiftly remedied and even a few helpful suggestions that we instantly knew could only add to the mix.  We believe comprehensive testing to be an essential part of any web-design project.

Finally we were ready to go live and, on May 28th 2018, we hit the button.


Since launching our website we have used Google Analytics to make sure our pages are performing to the best standards and it’s clear that users are responding well to our website.

Going forward we look forward to expanding our content offering through our blog and a focus on gated and non-gated content landing pages.

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