Get up to £5,000 funding to ramp up the design of your business image

Get up to £5,000 funding to ramp up the design of your business


Could you benefit from the Scottish Enterprise backed By Design grant?

It is vitally important that design is not underestimated at any stage of your business life cycle. Good design has the ability to communicate your message clearer, showcase you’re offering in the right way and importantly to the right people. Whilst it can often be the key differentiator between you and your competitors. Ultimately when done correctly, good design can impact your bottom line and help a business maximise the potential from its offering.

Design often slips down the to do list for one reason or another, it could be lack of in house knowledge and capabilities or the fear you need a blank cheque book to engage with an agency. Design, or should I say good design doesn’t have to be this way. By interacting with a design company that aligns itself with your aims and objectives, one that asks the key questions and can match that with commercial acumen and creativity you’re onto a winning formula.  Fortunately help is at hand from the Scottish Enterprise via the By Design grant. This By Design grant can offer between £2,000 and £5,000 to aid in the design of new products and process or to address the design of existing products, process or services. 



Therefore if your brand is selling your offering short or your lacking the professional guidance to take your business to the next level perhaps the By Design is just the ticket. There are some prerequisites to get out the way which are listed below:

What you can use the Grant for

·  Hire a designer to help improve your business processes

·  Updated branding and packaging as part of a larger innovation project, however this must not make up the whole of the project

·  External research providing information on customer needs and wants

·  Hire an expert to help write a design brief or prepare a design blueprint

·  Develop a more user-friendly approach to new product development

·  Hire an expert to help your business use design more effectively  

·  Design a new product or service or improve the design of existing products or services

·  Designing and developing a prototype as long as the prototype has no commercial value

·  Designing and developing a website, as long as the website is part of a project and the web design costs do not exceed 10% of the overall project cost

There are some eligibility checks to get out the way which include

· VAT registered companies in Scotland (except Highlands and Islands) looking to develop new products or services

· You must be able to contribute at least 25% of the cost

· You must be able to fund the project up front

· You must be able to demonstrate the benefits of the project

· While you don’t have to be trading, you do have to be VAT registered, and be able to describe how the grant will help take your product or service to market

· If you're a social enterprise company, you can still apply as long as you are trading and VAT registered

Now if you tick any of these boxes you're more than on your way to apply. We advise regardless of business size, sector or operation to review your current design needs and ask yourself if you would benefit from any of the above. We know ourselves that it can be hard to see gaps from within, try being a branding company reviewing our own branding, therefore an external eye can be critical in establishing what you might be missing.


We are therefore on hand to provide a free review and consolation of your business and provide expert advise on how best to invest in design. With the By Design grant open to applications, now could be best opportunity to capitalise and take your company to that next level.

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