Is your brand making the right noises? image

Is your brand making the right noises?


We put our latest Bluetooth Speaker to the test.

We at Minto often crank our customers marketing campaigns up to 11 using branded merchandise. Therefore when this new Bluetooth speaker hit our desks we thought it would be rude not to test it out and see if  could hit the high notes for your brand.

Branded merchandise comes in all shapes and sizes and we understand our customers requirements for promotional merchandise varies widely. So when we came across this new bluetooth boom box speaker we felt it ticked a lot of specific boxes. Often we are tasked with sourcing business gifts for a small number of people, for example a high end gift to hand out to your top 25 customers or suppliers. Others are looking to use branded merchandise for internal communications such as employee incentive schemes or to support health and safety campaigns. This means we usually have to source something that will be well received and valued by a wide demographic whilst ensuring it will be practical and useful to get some mileage for the investment.

So should The Bluetooth Boom Box Speak make it onto your ideas list?

Firstly this Bluetooth speaker starts from a minimum order quantity of just 1 unit and boasts two branding areas one to the front (20mm x 20mm) and the other to the side (30mm x 80mm) so plenty of flexibility based on how subtle the branding needs to be. Your company logo/design is engraved so this offers a universally suitable method of branding without additional costs for a colour heavy logo. Now onto the spec:


At 173mm x 165mm x 65mm in size it towers over mini bluetooth speakers and yet is more compact and equally powerful than its meatier counterparts. It provides first class sounds with superb bass and crystal clear treble plus a cool design with an easy to carry handle. Bluetooth range of 10 metres and up to 5 hours play time from its rechargeable 4400mAh battery. Perfect for outdoor use with water resistant casing. Hands free speaker phone function with noise cancellation microphone. Output power 12W.RoHs and CE certified.

Never doing anything half-hearted at Minto our Studio Manager headed to the Austrian slopes to test out its outdoor performance. Here’s the review:



Let’s start with the aesthetics - it looks great, has a curvy frame which is appealing on the eye and the chrome case finished with a brown leather strap makes this modern looking speaker feel that little bit more contemporary. It carries a good battery life that would get you through most outdoor adventures and it’s bluetooth connectivity can’t be faulted. Easy to use controls simplified to 4 buttons. Now down to the sound, it is very sharp and has a sound that can fill a room making it much bigger in sound than it looks. Solid range and the bass doesn’t disappoint. The two way microphone function works well which is ideal for conference calls. Overall very High performance, great looks and fantastic sound - it gets the 4.5 Minto M's out of 5.



To hear it for yourself get in touch as we are more than happy to provide a demo (unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will fall in love with our taste in music)

Written By Aaron Drummond Sales Executive @ Minto View my LinkedIn profile here

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